Email and Hosting Services

Email is not as simple as it once was. With more of us checking our email ‘on the go’ and using more than one device to do so – smartphones, tablets and laptops – the provision of email services has changed. Whether you need an Exchange server, shared calendar and contacts or just mobile access are all important considerations. These features affect hosting, pushing the demands higher. Using your own domain to host both your website and email might not be a good option.

To ensure your requirements are best met we recommend a dedicated, external email providers – and there are many to choose from:

While paid-for services each of these email providers will work with your own domain. This ensures that your email address will match the your website. Charges vary between providers but each has the capacity to scale and meet your requirements.

Vanilla Storm no longer hosts email on behalf of our clients. Our own hosting fees and paid-for support will be dedicated solely to keeping your website up and running.