Multi-Channel Retailing

What is Multi-Channel Retailing?

Multi-channel retailing refers to the act of selling to the public via a number of different distribution channels. Offering and combining these channels not only allows for efficient, cost effective processes but also provides customers with the choice to select the channels that work best for them.

Our ecommerce websites are enabled to facilitate multi-channel sales and distribution. We can integrate with various shopping channels including Amazon, eBay and Facebook, allowing you to control which products are offered for sale and where they appear. Information is fed from your online store to your shopping channels and when an order is placed it is received directly to your ecommerce central system to ensure efficient stock management across all channels.

We have also integrated our ecommerce system with a number of EPOS systems to help ‘bricks and clicks’ businesses to manage stock centrally. These businesses have also benefited from ‘click and collect’ or ‘pay online and collect in-store’ services.

In addition to sales channels our ecommerce system integrates with numerous couriers and distribution networks to enable the effective management of logistics and to reduce admin.

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