M-Commerce Services

What is M-commerce?

M-commerce (sometimes referred to as mCommerce or mobile commerce) is a term used to describe the purchasing of goods and services using a mobile phone or small hand-held device.

Research carried out by ABI shows that in 2015 shoppers around the world are likely to spend around $119bn on goods and services purchased on mobile phones. This represents a significant growth area and one which retailers have been following carefully.

Market leaders including New Look, eBay, Debenhams, John Lewis and ASOS have all reported significant increases in sales after launching mobile applications.

Our m-commerce applications work across numerous mobile platforms to allow shoppers to purchase directly from their mobile phones. Though our full ecommerce websites generally work on mobile platforms, their full size layouts make them a little tricky to navigate without scrolling or pinching the screen. M-commerce applications will ensure that layouts fit more naturally within mobile screens and provide a comfortable and intuitive shopping experience for customers.

Your m-commerce site will connect to your main ecommerce online shop, allowing you to manage stock levels centrally.

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