Victoria Tryon is a Bright Young Gem

20 September, 2010

We were thrilled to hear that our client, Victoria Tryon, was selected to be a Bright Young Gem at International Jewellery London 2010.

Please see the interview below regarding Victoria’s nomination.

Competition judge, Hilary Alexander of the Daily Telegraph, describes what she is looking for in a Bright Young Gem: “I look for somebody obviously who has got the craft skills and some training in jewellery or silversmithing or goldsmithing. But at the same time I’m really looking for someone who has got a different approach and who is considering different materials. It could be rope, it might be plastic, it might be recycling things but I think you’re looking for something that is fabulous and unusual and beautifully made.”

Listen to the full podcast here, which also features Vivienne Becker from FT’s How To Spend It, Bec Clarke from Astley Clarke and Daisy Knights, Bright Young Gem and Astley Clarke Gold Award Winner 2009.

For more information on Victoria Tyon and her beautiful work, visit her website and online shop at

(Video created by Naomi Kerbel – journalist and documentary film maker. For more details and competitive rates for short films contact her at naomikerbel [at] gmail [dot] com.)

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