Free and Easy Image Editing

22 May, 2008

We’ve had a number of enquires recently from customers wanting to know the best way to edit photographs and images to upload to their web sites. In most cases we usually point them in the direction of Piknik, an online photo editor. The free service Piknik offers is usually sufficient for most users, allowing them to crop and resize images as well as tweaking things like exposure and contrast. A paid for service is also available which offers some more advanced tools and features.

Splashup, another free online service, offers slightly more advanced tools and an interface that will seem familiar to users of Photoshop. Although there’s a little more to Splashup, it is still easy to use and offers some tools you wouldn’t expect to find in such as program.

Both Piknik and Splashup run online, meaning you don’t need to install anything and you can use them from any computer with an internet connection. For a more powerful alternative that you can install at home, take a look at It is a fully fledged graphics package that gives many commercial products a run for their money. And, being open source, is completely free.

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